Olli Berlin
Cornelius Heck
Johannes Joseph
Sebastian Scherrer
Tobias Weinreich
Simon Schillinger
David Schuldis

Session: Peter Hamm

The Black Forest – marked by mystical landscapes, its spirit rules the southwestern German souls. Its wealth of brute power and mightiness led a dark horde to the decision to embody the beauty of the Black Forest in a musical way, back in 2004.

Hitting the stages in 2007, a decent public attention was attracted and after the publication of the debut EP "Wiege der Finsternis" and the debut album "Weltenkraft", the horde found a new home at the German record label Einheit Produktionen.

The second studio album "...zum Tode hin" was introduced to the public in early 2009 and could deeply satisfy a wide range of different
musical preferences.

It's the year 2012 – to date, a frightening large amount of knuckles of pork along with a greatly exaggerated quantity of Schnaps was consumed and countless breathtaking concerts were performed. With a new singer at the front and a third fully produced studio album, the band signed a contract with the Austrian label Napalm Records. "Rastlos" represents the new status of Finsterforst and exceeds everything that has been done before.

The era of Black Forest Metal has begun!

Out now!

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